I miss being absolute trouble for my mother

The worst incident that has ever happened was long ago, I was just 8 years old. (I am banned from visiting the park still) It was my birthday which happens to be around the school summer vacation. The only possible time in a year for the families to meet and enjoy some time together. However, this particular day, we cried to go out. After a lot of whining, our mothers finally agreed. We went to a nearby park to play around, have some snacks and enjoy the day.

In the park, we just started going here and there. I wanted to go on the slide but not without my cousins. I started climbing up and calling them to join me. Not alone because apparently, you have to be consecutive when you all are cousins. When I reached the top, I had to wait for them to catch up. Later I felt it was getting congested. I decided to give some space to children who were already here. So they can enjoy their slides. Just a moment later, I ended up hanging with just one leg in the top area while holding the sidebars. I cannot remember what exactly happened, but I slipped. I fell on my head. Now, this should have been normal but, it was not so. To make matters worse, the ground was being renovated and filled with road aggregate. I was so unfortunate that one of the sharp-edged rocks just pierced my forehead. The Odds. In few seconds, there was blood all over. I had passed out. Whenever I try to recollect, there is a blur flashback of me swinging, as I was in my mother’s arms while she rushed to the hospital.

Some days, I imagine what horrifying experience this might have been for her. Complete Horror. But I can’t help but laugh. We all laugh about it now, especially when I say the reason due to which everything happened. “so that other children have space to slide properly.” They have considered it the stupidest of all the possible reasons. My Grandfather was so upset that he didn’t allow us to visit the park for years coming. We were supposed to celebrate the birthday but we couldn’t. So the next day, he brought the cake and we celebrated. I still have that photo with the head bandage. A memorable gift from me to my mother on the joyous occasion of my birthday.

I know this sounds immature and unreasonable. But,

Donde Esta la Biblioteca. (which literally translates to)

I miss being absolute trouble for my mother.



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Shubham Padia

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